Eventorbot Upgrades

Since getting my Eventorbot 3D printer I have not had much luck in getting it to print. The frame was welded off square, the extruder design is not very reliable, and the y-axis sways like a drunken sailor. While this was all quite disheartening I now have a plan of attack. I have been working on some new parts to hopefully sober up this printer and get it working.

The first step is to stabilize the y-axis and add in turn take some strain off of the z-axis which currently sounds like a hamster in its death throws when you move the bed up and down. I am going to add a 16mm linear rod to the open end of the machine and attach an arm from that to the y-axis arm which should solve the swaying problem and stop the table from wanting to tip down under its weight. If that is not enough to fix the z problem I am thinking I will move the z motor out and do some gearing so the weight of the bed is not directly on the motor.

To solve the extruder problem I just designed a new one based on spring tension. There were a few out there but the files were very messed up or would have required more work than I felt like doing for something that was not my own design (really though, who puts a 3D model of something that is supposed to be laser cut up but no dxf or svg?). If this design works out well I am going to try and cast them in aluminium so they do not degrade over time.

There is still some work to do on the arm and the mount for the linear bearing but I should hopefully get everything printed this weekend. Maybe I will even get to print something on my printer. Wouldn’t that be grand?

Bottom Bracket</br> Top Bracket</br> Bottom Linear Rod Mount</br> Top Linear Rod Mount</br> Extruder Arm</br> Extruder Body